Attention Borough Residents:
Sewer Project Construction Schedule Update – May 2019

Paving throughout the project area has started. Streets will be posted with
parking restrictions, please observe the signs, cars will be towed if needed!
Sippel Construction has completed mainline installation south of High St.
Work is being done on West High, Park St. and Truman. Then moving to N. West and Belmont areas.
Mainline is being installed by another crew using smaller equipment behind homes and on narrow streets.
Where the new mainlines have been installed crews are installing new laterals for homeowners to connect to. Homeowners have begun to receive connection notices when they are required to replace their section of line to the home. Almost all buildings will need to replace their lateral and pressure test unless it has already been replaced and tested.
Residents will continue seeing other underground utilities marked with various colors of paint and flags on the ground where work is expected to be done. Please don’t remove marking flags or paint marks.
Some residents are reminded that they may need to have their own lateral replaced within several weeks of when of their new connection point is installed. We have already contacted many who will be in this situation and discussed what is needed. If you think you may be in this situation we highly recommend you contact your excavating or plumbing contractor and preplan what is needed and get an estimate. Everyone should have a plan of what work they need to have done and plan for the expense. All homes need to be connected to the new mains by the connection deadlines in the connection notices.
Parking is restricted where construction is underway and streets are closed. If work is being done on your street you may not be able to get your car out without a wait. Park around the corner or in rear if possible. Vehicles will be towed if necessary. Work will continue through September 2019.