Quaker Sales will soon begin milling and paving most of the streets south of High Street. A schedule for street paving is very difficult to predict, as it is entirely dependent on dry weather, and progress made on the contractor’s projects in other towns. In addition, Quaker Sales needs to complete all sewer-related street trench repairs in other parts of town before beginning this major street resurfacing project. It appears at this point that work should begin south of High Street on or about September 23rd. All streets are expected to be completed by the end of October.

The red dots on the map above illustrate which streets and street segments will be milled and resurfaced. Approximately 1½” of blacktop will be “milled”, or removed, from these streets. The milling will be done from curb to curb. A new 1½” topcoat of blacktop will then be applied to the street. This will eliminate all signs of the recent excavation done during the sewer, gas, sidewalk and stormwater projects. Once milled and resurfaced, the street will look like new.

Your cooperation, and your continued patience, will be needed during this final phase of our work. The contractor will place “No Parking” signs on the street in advance of milling, and again in advance of final paving. We realize that some may have to park in yards or a block away from home during the actual work, but it is necessary in order to get the project completed.

Street resurfacing will not occur on any of the milled streets until enough streets have been milled to make blacktopping practical.  Milling takes longer than paving. In other words, the paving crew cannot simply follow the milling crew down the street and immediately begin paving. Once a street is milled, it will be power-broomed and again opened for traffic. Be extra careful when driving on a milled street. Everyone has driven on a grooved surface before and knows it can be a bit rough. Until the street is resurfaced, manholes and shutoff boxes will be sticking up 1½”. You can’t hurt them, but be aware of them.

After a particular street is repaved, it will remain closed to traffic for most of that day. Please do not drive across any fresh blacktop. Never drive around traffic control devices such as cones or barrels, even if there is no work crew there at the time.

This is the final phase of these various excavation projects. With just a bit more of your patience, we’ll be finished with all of the dust, mud and noise.