Download Printable Application Form Here 

The Application deadline is August 2, 2024.

Please note that all spaces are 10′ x 10′ and fees are as follows:

  • Craft (handmade items only) = $90.00
  • Food/Baked Goods (For-profit) = $175.00
  • Food/Baked Goods (Non-profit) = $125.00
  • Non-Profit = $80.00
  • Collectible/Resale (items not handmade – resale) = $110.00
  • Additional fee if requesting electricity = $25 – (1) 110v hookup, $40 – (2) 110v hookup and $75 – 220v hookup.

Credit Card Payment Information
Do Not Submit CC Payment Until You are Approved as Processing Fees Cannot Be Refunded.

  • If you would like to make your payment online, please select an option below and click “ADD TO CART”. You will then be directed to our secure payment site where you will complete the payment process.
  • If paying with a credit card, please wait until you are approved to submit your payment as we cannot refund credit card fees.
  • Credit Card Fee – Please note, effective March 7, 2016, if you pay via credit or debit card, your statement will include a separate 2.95% or $2.50 minimum service fee with this transaction. This fee is assessed by the credit card processor, not Ebensburg Main Street Partnership or Ebensburg Borough.
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Pennsylvania Sales Tax Information

How do I register to collect and remit sales tax?
All businesses and individuals selling products and services subject to sales tax must register for a sales tax license online at or by completing the PA Enterprise Registration Form, PA-100. The form is available at and from Revenue’s Forms Ordering Service, 1-800-362-2050. The sales tax license, which must be renewed every five years, should be prominently displayed at the business’s location. Pennsylvania’s sales tax rate is 6 percent, and an additional 1 percent local sales tax applies to items purchased or used in Allegheny County. Two percent local tax applies to items purchased or used in Philadelphia. Prior to Oct. 8, 2009,the Philadelphia local tax was 1 percent.

Do I need a sales tax license to sell taxable items at a craft show or similar place?
Yes. Out-of-state vendors should review brochure REV-778, PA Tax Obligations for Out-of-State Vendors, for information on transient vendor licenses.

Can a promoter who allows an unlicensed vendor to operate at a show be charged with violation of the law?
No. While a promoter may face revocation of his/her promoter’s license for failing to ensure compliance with licensing requirements, it is the individual vendor of taxable merchandise or services who is responsible and would face prosecution.