The Ebensburg Borough Council meets on the 4th Monday of each month in Council Chambers at 6:30 pm. A brief period for public comment by residents is provided at the beginning of each meeting during which residents may comment on any item on the agenda. To propose or discuss a specific idea before Council, a resident may request time on the agenda. Requests should be made to the Borough Manager no later than the Thursday before the meeting and must indicate the subject matter.









Front Row (Left to Right): Cecilia Houser, Susan Barber, Doug Tusing and
Theresa Jacoby
Back Row: Scot May, Mayor Randy Datsko, John Cobaugh, Dave Kuhar

Name Title Address Phone Party Term
Doug Tusing President 321 S. Center St. 472-4260 Rep. 12/2021
Susan Barber Vice President 320 Tibbott St. 472-5062 Dem. 12/2019
Dave Kuhar Councilor 807 E. Crawford Ave. 472-5477 Dem. 12/2019
John Cobaugh Councilor 405 E. High Street 472-4367 Rep. 12/2019
Cecilia Houser Councilor 120 Truman Street 244-8382 Rep. 12/2019
Scot May Councilor 322 W. Triumph St. 505-5653 Dem. 12/2021
Theresa Jacoby Councilor 143 Candlelight Drive 472-7188 Rep. 12/2021