Ebensburg Borough has adopted and strictly enforces the state wide building code. The state wide building code applies to all construction and renovation. All work performed must be in accordance with state regulations. To assure such compliance, a building permit is required for nearly all construction-related work.

Ebensburg’s building codes are enforced by the Laurel Municipal Inspection Agency in Carrolltowm, PA. They can be reached at 814-471-0424. All questions regarding building permits, including whether or not a building permit is necessary for a particular job, should be directed to them.

Ebensburg Borough enforces a property maintenance code. The code requires all property be in a satisfactory state of repair and free of debris.


All uses and occupancies of properties in Ebensburg Borough must comply with the Ebensburg Zoning Ordinance. Laurel Municipal Inspection Agency is also available to interpret zoning-related questions.


Laurel Municipal Inspection Agency

140 E. Carroll St. Suite 202
PO Box 375
Carrolltown, PA 15722

Email: info@LMIAgency.org