hunting_fishing_photoThe Ebensburg Municipal Authority and Ebensburg Borough own approximately 1,000 acres, primarily part of the watershed at our reservoirs. Those properties are open to public use and enjoyment, including hunting and fishing, via co-operative Agreements with the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission. The properties are “open” under the same provisions as though they were actually State Game Lands. The Game Commission and PA Fish & Boat Commission regularly patrol our properties and enforce the applicable regulations. In addition to simply enjoying nature (hiking, photography, etc.) our properties are open to public fishing and hunting. Please observe all Safety Zone postings and keep our property free from litter and other types of pollution.

All fishing is limited to the shoreline. No persons are permitted within the water. Fishing is strictly prohibited from the breast of the reservoir. Boats and floatables of any type are prohibited. No fires are permitted on reservoir property.