Summer Contract Costs and Court Rental Rates


Monday – Friday

9am to 4pm $15 per hour

4pm to 9pm $17 per hour

9pm to 9am $10 per hour

Saturday & Sunday

All day, any time $10 per hour

Just a reminder to all tennis members, our center policy is that you are only allowed to reserve tennis courts 7 days in advance.

*Pass runs from May 21-September 9, 2017
*All tennis rates are based on an hourly rate.
*You may play as a non-member three times per year.
*Non-members will pay an additional court fee of $4.


All day, any time $10 per hour

Reserve a Court

Off-Time Court Rental

All Off-Time Court Rent is $10.00 per hour. You must be a member of the tennis center to get the discounted rate. Any non-members requesting pin numbers to play on Off Time Court Time will not be allowed. Off time court rent is available on the indoor courts.