Winter Junior Clinics

Saturday: Advanced High School Level (Co-Ed) 10:00 am -12:00 pm ($28.00/$30.00)

Students participating in this group all play high school tennis. Some players are #1 on their respective high school team. Students can expect a lot of live ball hitting games and coached match play during this clinic. This group has aspirations someday to train with the elite juniors and college players on Sunday.


Saturday: Intermediate High School Level (Co-Ed) 12:00-1:30 pm ($20.00/$22.00)

Students in grades 9-12 participating in this group should have a few years of playing experience and possess knowledge of the game like keeping score, etc. Most of these students play high school tennis and are looking to enhance their skills through a variety of drills, live ball hitting, and coached match play during the clinic. This group has aspirations to eventually train with the advanced high school players.


Sunday: Advanced Juniors and College Players (Co-Ed) 2:00-4:00 pm ($28.00/$30.00)

Participants in this group are the elite players in the surrounding areas. ALL have USTA tournament experience and play sectional and national tournaments or are already playing college tennis This group should expect a high volume of live ball hitting. Coaches will focus on the strategic and tactical aspects of playing singles and doubles.


Sunday: Quick Start Tennis for kids 6-8 years of age (Co-Ed) 4:00-5:00 pm ($14.00/$15.00)

Most students in this group have never played tennis before and are trying this great sport of a lifetime for the first time. The “quick start” tennis program will use smaller rackets and “red dot” decompressed tennis balls which makes learning tennis easier while providing kids a more enjoyable atmosphere! For those students who develop quickly, they can be promoted to the green dot balls.


Sunday: Quick Start Tennis for kids 9-11 years old (Co-Ed) 4:00-5:30 pm ($20.00/$22.00)

Students in this group have some experience and have been playing tennis for at least a year. Students are using the “green dot” tennis balls. Students in this group are still working on the fundamentals of tennis but can sustain short rallies, and understand how to keep score, etc.

Students can advance from this group to the Saturday intermediate group.


ALL Jr. Development Tennis Clinics are Supervised and run by Mike Kush, USPTR Tennis Professional and Staff