Ebensburg Street Paving Notice

Ebensburg Boro has contracted with Grannas Bros. for the 2022 paving program. We are providing advance notice and approximate dates, so you can plan. This is not a guarantee. In the event of rain or jobsite delays, this schedule could be pushed back. Normal work hours are 6:30 am to 6 pm. Check the Boro website or Grannas Brothers Facebook page for updates to this notice, and watch street postings.
Mon 9/26
Milling N Beech St—Highland Ave to Julian
Milling N Julian—Highland Ave to old 219
Milling Spruce St—Highland Ave to Horner St.
Tues 9/27
Milling Horner St—West to Marian St (this could be late day Monday also)
Milling West St—Highland Ave to Horner St
Milling Belmont St—Highland Ave to Milton St
Milling N Spruce St—High St to Crawford St
Milling S Spruce St—High St to Ogle St (this could be Wed AM also)
Wed 9/28
Paving N Beech St—Highland Ave to Julian
Paving Helen St—N Julian to End
Paving Charles St—N Julian to End
Paving N Julian—Highland Ave to old 219
Thurs 9/29
Paving Milton St—Belmont to End
Paving Belmont St—Highland Ave to Milton St
Paving West St—Highland Ave to Horner St
Paving Spruce St—Highland Ave to Horner St.
Paving Horner St—West to Marian St
Paving N Spruce St—High St to Crawford St (this could be Fri am also)
Paving S Spruce St—High St to Ogle St (this could be Fri am also)
Fri 9/30
Paving Trout Lane—SR 2013 to Sewer Plant
The road will be closed to all traffic during the work. There will be NO on-street parking 6:30 am – 6 pm during the work. Please find alternate ways around, and get your vehicle out ahead of time. During the milling day, you will be able to get around the work crew, with minimal interruption. Once your street is milled, please be careful, as the paving has not been placed, and there will be a drop off on the curbline, that could damage low clearance vehicles.
When we pave the streets there will be more disruption, as the road will be blocked off with cones for a longer period of time until the new paving cures, and you will not be able to go in or out of your driveway. Once we place the finished paved surface of asphalt, the street needs approx. 3 hours to cure before you can drive on it.
Grannas Bros. will not be responsible for any damage to your vehicle or the roadway, based on your inability to follow these instructions. Thank you in advance for your cooperation during this inconvenience, as it will result in a nice improvement for you and your neighbors.

Fall Foliage Ride

Join us for our 9th annual fall foliage bicycle ride/walk along the Ghost Town Trail. Riders are invited to first drop their bikes off at the Ebensburg Trailhead (YPCC), drive to where they plan to end their ride (Vintondale, 13 miles; Dilltown, 18.9 miles or Saylor Park, 31.6 miles), park their car and catch the bus back to the Ebensburg Trailhead.

The bus will begin picking up at designated trail parking at Saylor Park at 12:30 pm, Dilltown at 1 pm and Vintondale at 1:30 pm. The bus will then return to the Ebensburg Trailhead with an intended event start time of 2:00 pm. Please note, once you have finished your ride and return to your vehicle, you will need a bike rack or trailer to transport your bike back with you.

If you are riding with a partner/group, please have them wait at the YPCC trailhead so that the bus has room for more riders.

To register, email dkoss@ebensburgpa.com with your contact information, intended pick-up location, number of participants and number of people who need the shuttle pick-up.

This event is hosted by the Ebensburg Main Street Partnership. Special thanks to First Student for sponsoring the bus every year!

Yard Waste Receptacle No Longer Accepting Grass Clippings

Grass clippings are no longer being accepted in at the Borough’s yard waste receptacle site. Here are some alternative options:


One of the easiest ways to reduce yard waste is by recycling grass clippings directly back into the lawn. A mulching mower can be beneficial, but any mower will work as long as you mow regularly and at a proper height. Be sure the grass clippings disappear into the turf so as not to smother the grass. Avoid excessive applications of fertilizer, as the grass clippings return nitrogen to the soil. Small quantities of extra grass clippings can be mixed into a compost pile or used as a thin mulch layer.


Organic materials will compost by themselves, but a little care and attention will make the process neater and quicker. You can buy a compost bin, make your own, or do it in an open pile. Just mix brown and green organic materials, keep it moist and aerated, and mix it up occasionally. A well-tended pile made of chopped materials can be finished in 2 to 4 weeks, while brown leaves left on their own may take a year. The resulting compost provides valuable organic material and fertilizer when used as a mulch or soil amendment.


March 23, 4:30 PM – Ebensburg’s Boil Water Advisory has been lifted.

EBENSBURG – A boil water advisory was put into effect yesterday, March 21st, for a portion of the area served by the Ebensburg Municipal Authority. A water line break on Mini Mall Road has resulted in loss of pressure. The water company cannot confirm when the advisory will be lifted. Loss of pressure can interfere with disinfection and provide a medium for microbial growth. Low pressure may indicate the presence of disease-causing organisms. These organisms include bacteria, viruses, and parasites, which can cause symptoms such as nausea, cramps, diarrhea and associated headaches.

The boil water advisory went into effect for Mini Mall Road & Zeman Drive areas in Cambria Township and has now been expanded to include Giant Eagle Plaza.

All effected customers are advised not to drink their water without boiling it first. Bring the water to a boil, let it boil for one minute and then let it cool before using it, or use bottled water.

Once the line is repaired and service restored, a boil water advisory will be in effect until further notice. A SwiftReach call was issued to all affected customers who are registered to receive SwiftReach notifications and the others were contacted by phone.

Winter Parking Enforcement is not in Effect


Good News! The enforcement of the winter parking regulations within Ebensburg Borough is being relaxed.

The current Ordinance, in place since 1994, requires alternate side parking on many streets between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and again between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. It also prohibits parking on many smaller streets between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Those winter parking restrictions are in effect between December 1st and March 31st.

In the past, the Ordinance was not enforced until the first snowfall each year. After the first snowfall, the Ordinance was enforced each and every day, regardless of weather conditions. These parking restrictions are necessary to allow the public works crew to properly and safely clear the streets of snow. Unfortunately, the regulations caused great inconvenience to the residents.

Today, there are many methods of communicating current information to the residents. Borough Council believes that we can enforce the regulations when necessary, and relax enforcement when possible.

Effective immediately, the winter parking regulations will only be enforced when deemed necessary by staff. A notice will be placed here on the website announcing when the regulations are “in effect” or are “not in effect.” The same notice will be posted on the borough’s Facebook page.

For those that may not have access to the Internet, a call to the borough office at 472-8780 is all that will be necessary to verify whether vehicles parked on the street need to be moved. During business hours, staff will be able to answer the question, or you may press #5 to be taken directly to a recording.

Winter parking restrictions will be placed in effect with every forecasted snowfall, and should be considered in effect with every unexpected snowfall. Depending on conditions, the restrictions will often remain in effect for several days following a snowfall. Crews often work for several days to push snow back from the curbs, to clear intersections, and to clear slush from the streets. Residents will be required to move vehicles until such time that the announcement on the website and Facebook is again changed. It will be everyone’s responsibility to verify the current enforcement status of the winter parking regulations. Remember…because it snowed two days ago and hasn’t snowed since; the winter parking regulations may still be in effect. Check the website!

The relaxed winter parking regulations will require the full cooperation of everyone. It is important that the public works crews are able to maintain clear streets during winter conditions. If the relaxation of enforcement causes problems in that regard, it will be necessary to return to daily enforcement. Please work with us so that we can maintain our streets in a safe manner, while minimizing the inconvenience to you and your neighbors of moving your vehicle twice each day.